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Best fishing, nature experience at incredible value in Southeast Alaska! Local born Alaskan Capt. Terry, gave four Northeast fisherman the Alaskan wilderness experience of a lifetime!

Russ, Dick, Steve, and George
Long Island, New York

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Our lodgings were impeccable, wonderful! Terry’s a delightful host... The town’s quaint, the locals are great, and we caught some really nice fish...  If you’re looking for the original Alaska experience, this is it!

J. Erickson
Santa Clarita, California

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I’ve been up there to fish a lot of years, and Terry’s a good guy to go fishing with. Every morning he’s on time, he puts in a good long day. If it’s possible to get fish, he’ll get them for you!

M. Burkhardt
Bothell, Washington

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Getting to Chicobi Charters

Chicobi Charters is located in Pelican, Alaska.  The typical route to get to us is via Juneau, Alaska or Sitka, Alaska with Juneau being the preferred route by most of our clients. If you take the preferred route the following travel choices are available to you.

Travel options to Pelican, Alaska via Juneau, Alaska

To Juneau from the lower 48 States:

  • (PREFERRED ROUTE) Commercial airlines service to Juneau via this link for Alaska Airlines
  • Bellingham, WA to Juneau, AK via this link for Alaska Marine Highway System
  • Driving the Alaska Highway (also call the ALCAN Highway) follow this link to Wikipedia for more information. You will need to drop off at Haines or Skagway and take a ferry to Juneau.

To Pelican from Juneau:

Planning your trip

  • We will meet you at your plane or ferry when you arrive in Pelican.
  • Northern Southeast Alaska gets its share of rain. Average temperatures are in the mid 60's. Rain wear and the layering of light clothing are recommended. It sunshine’s here, but not all of the time!
  • We encourage you to visit this link for as this site will provide you with a wealth of information which we feel you'll want to know.
  • If you are prone to seasickness, please don't forget your motion sickness medicine.
  • Pelican no longer has a grocery store and although there is a restaurant, we recommend that you purchase and bring with you any fresh and frozen grocery items you will want. Chicobi Charters does have some non-perishable items on hand but you should inquire ahead of time to verify our stock.

Feel free to contact us if there is additional information we can provide to help you plan your visit with us!

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