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Alaska King Salmon


We specialize in Alaska King Salmon Sport Fishing. Captain Terry is a lifelong resident of Pelican and has fished these Alaskan waters since he was a teenager. Our boat won the Pelican salmon fishing derby in 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013.

Captain Terry and a Client


Captain Terry is a likable guy who shares his knowledge of the area to ensure you have the best chance of making your trip an uncommonly fun and rewarding experience.

Pelican, Alaska


Pelican, Alaska is situated in close proximity to excellent fishing grounds with easy access to the Pacific Ocean, and is near several beautiful and scenic wilderness areas.

Passion about our values


At Chicobi Charters we highly value our relationship with our clients, many of whom become repeat customers and life-long friends. We conduct business in a safe, friendly, fun, and ethical way.

Our Captain

Captain Terry was born and raised in Alaska. He graduated from Pelican High School and remains a full time year-round resident of Pelican. He is an avid fishing, hiking, and boating enthusiast. In addition to being a licensed skipper he also is a licensed commercial fisherman.

His first hand personal knowledge of the area is extensive.

In addition to running a charter business Captain Terry operates a commercial fishing business, a marine repair business, and a heating oil delivery service.

Catching the Big Fish Year-after-Year

Captain Terry  "Back Then"

Captain Terry  "More Recent JUN22"

Our Boat

Chicobi Charters uses the Charter Vessel "Destination" to provide our client's charter fishing and wilderness adventures. Daily boat use can be a mix of some fishing and some wilderness adventures if desired.

The "Destination" is 31 feet long, has a 330 HP Cummings diesel engine, offers a comfortable heated cabin with seating, a table, and a bathroom.

Charter Vessel "Destination"

Charter Vessel "Destination"

Charter Fishing

Chicobi Charters has decades of experience catching wild Alaskan King Salmon and Pacific Halibut in the Pelican area, which happens to be one of the best locations in the world for catching them.  In addition, lingcod, yelloweye rockfish (red snapper), bass, cod, and other rock fish are plentiful in the waters around Pelican, Alaska.

We tailor the trip to your interests and preferences.  We can fish in open ocean or sheltered bays and target the fish species of your choice.

Daily Boat Rate for Sport Fishing: $1,499.00 per boat. The boat is available exclusively for your group. Daily boat use can be mixed with some fishing and some wilderness adventures if desired. 

While up to four people is optimum for ensuring each guest in your party has adequate fishing opportunities, we can accommodate up to 6 people per boat for larger groups that request it.

Trips Include:

Fishing Photos



Our four bedroom fully furnished townhouse to accommodate your lodging.

Pelican, Alaska Harbor

Pelican harbor from our lodge window

Chicobi Charters Lodge - Kitchen


Chicobi Charters Lodge - Living Room

Living Room

Chicobi Charters Lodge - Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

Daily Rate for Lodging:  $350.00 per day for up to 3 guests, plus $100.00 for each additional guest after that. 

The townhouse is available exclusively for your group.

Lodging includes:

Wilderness Adventures

Daily Boat Rate for Wilderness Adventures: $1,499.00 per boat. The boat is available exclusively for your group. Daily boat use can be mixed with some fishing and some wilderness adventures if desired. 

Other things to do besides fishing include:

Client Stories

Russell Drake Charter, Long Island, New York

From fishing, to nature, to Pelican hospitality. This trip had it all. Terry Wirta delivered nonstop fishing, guided nature tours by land and boat, and genuine local Pelican hospitality. His boat “Destination” was comfortable for fishing and touring, with huge windows for viewing the snowcapped mountains, bears, eagles, sea lions whales and otters. Watching feeding bald eagles every day was the surprise of the trip.

The townhouse we stayed at overlooking the harbor and mountainside was clean and had every amenity 4 fisherman could need. Fishing for halibut, king salmon, ling cod and rockfish was nonstop, while whales entertained us in the background. Capt. Terry is a professional fisherman and was great fun to be with. We look forward to returning.

Russ, Dick, Steve, and George - Long Island, NY

Russ, Dick, Steve, and George

E. Ecklund, Bainbridge Island, Washington

It was the last day of the salmon derby and I don’t know what Terry was doing right but we couldn’t keep the fish off our lines! I ended up with a 32-pound king along with a red snapper and a couple of other fish. I was happy with that.

Staying with Terry is like being a family guest instead of a client. I’ll give you an example. We were curious about the taste of the local venison. Terry mentions this to a friend and we come back from fishing, and the friend has cooked us up a roast. Another time, Terry’s mother made us cookies, to take out on the boat. Those are the kinds of things that make you feel like a very welcome guest. The place we stayed -- you can fish out the bedroom window! One of the guys dropped a line and pulled up a little codfish, about twelve, fourteen inches long. Only when the tide is in, of course.

The sightseeing is interesting. One time, we were out on Terry’s boat and we saw some kids on the beach. A bear was walking toward them, it was maybe an eighth of a mile down the beach, and they couldn’t see it from where they were. We tooted the horn and pointed, trying to alert them, and they waved back, not really getting the message. We watched it get halfway to them, then it got up on his hind feet, like it smelled them, and then it took off into the woods. I doubt they ever saw it.

Terry was born to be an outdoorsman; he grew up hunting, fishing, and has all sorts of crazy stories to tell about the life.

E. Ecklund

J. Erickson, Santa Clarita, California

Our lodgings were great! Spacious, impeccable, with a full kitchen (I was the cook). My fishing buddies, Jim, Rick, and I were more than comfortable. Terry's a wonderful host!

What a cool town! The first thing you notice is no cars. The main street, approximately 1/4 mile long is a wooden boardwalk, pedestrian only. Everyone is friendly and eager to talk about Pelican and the surrounding area.

Terry has spent all of his life in Pelican and a good majority of that time has been spent on the water. He knows where the fish are. He has his "hot spots” to fish, and no worries about crowds because you'll be the only boat there!

The boat was very spacious, and if you wanted to get out of the weather you could comfortably sit in the cabin, just a couple of frantic steps away when your pole arches and the reel starts screaming.

We caught some really nice fish, and Terry had them processed, packaged, and frozen for the trip home.

Leaving the dock at Pelican in the morning full of anticipation of maybe catching the "big one", with hot coffee in one hand, a warm cinnamon roll in the other (heated on the boat), and enjoying the spectacular scenery as it unfolds. Well, it just doesn't get any better than that!

If you're looking for a remote wilderness setting, away from the crowds this Alaskan experience is it!

J. Erickson

M. Burkhardt, Bothell, Washington

I’ve been up there to fish a lot of years, and Terry’s a good guy to go fishing with. Every morning he’s on time, he puts in a good long day. If it’s possible to get fish, he’ll get them for you! He’s really good in that respect. If the weather comes up, and we need to fish closer to shore, he knows the likely spots. Or, if you don’t want to fish, Terry will take you around, exploring. It’s interesting what you can see there, eagles and whales and seals, there are plenty of bears on the beach, you can go whale watching, or go soak in the hot springs.

I’ve caught so many king salmon I can’t pick out one to tell about. I do remember once, all three of us had kings on – all at the same time. It turns into a zoo, real quick -- everybody trying to keep from getting tangled. That was fun.

One year we were a bit short on halibut, so we decided to target them. The ocean was rough, but Terry knew a spot over by the glacier we could try, which would keep us off the rough water.  In no time at all, we had three really nice ones, all probably about sixty pounds.

Terry knows the area and does a good job. He’ll deliver!

M. Burkhardt

Laura and Roland, and friends

 A great time! Terry has great local knowledge and you will not come back empty handed.

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Lee, JoAnn, Laura, Roland

Don and Elaine Quilici, Carson City, Nevada

If you're looking for an unforgettable combination of great salt water fishing, comfortable sport fishing boat, excellent boat captain, spectacular scenery, comfortable private accommodations, warm hospitality, unique location, friendly town folks, etc., look no further than a special place known as Pelican, Alaska and a special fishing charter known as Chicobi Charters.

More about the Quilici Story ...

Don and Elaine Quilici Photos

Pictures from Don and Elaine Quilici

Darrel Spayth, Kirkland, Washington

Darrel on the right with his son DJ on the left during a fishing with Terry in July 2011.

We enjoyed a fabulous bonding experience fishing with Captain Terry.

More from Darrel about Captain Terry ...

DJ and Darrel

Our Location

Pelican, Alaska is located on the northwest portion of Chichagof Island. The state capital of Juneau is ~ 100miles east of Pelican and Sitka is ~ 90 miles south. Both Sitka and Juneau are used as primary access points when traveling to Pelican.

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Getting to Chicobi Charters

Chicobi Charters is located in Pelican, Alaska.  The typical route to get to us is via Juneau, Alaska or Sitka, Alaska with Juneau being the preferred route by most of our clients. If you take the preferred route the following travel choices are available to you.

Travel options to Pelican, Alaska via Juneau, Alaska

To Juneau from the lower 48 States:

To Pelican from Juneau:

Planning your trip

Feel free to contact us if there is additional information we can provide to help you plan your visit with us!

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